How long do office chairs last? – Easy Guide

How long do office chairs last

How long do office chairs last? – Easy Guide

When furnishing an office, we must think of several elements so that it is functional in the long term and of course, cozy and durable for those who work there. However, how often should you replace your office chair, in order to continue to have this performance that they give us?

In this article, we will discuss how long do office chairs last. They are our pillar (or rather our support) in our long days. Our wheelchairs can either save us from a bad back or hurt our spine. Here’s how to properly assess whether it’s time to change your office chair.

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Factors that affect lifespan

They are numerous and sometimes difficult to avoid. It starts with the materials used to make the chair (because yes, some materials have a longer lifespan than others) and their functionalities.

A genuine leather chair is more likely to still be in good condition after 10 years, compared to a faux leather chair which is likely to tear over the years. A fabric chair won’t like being stained, while a wooden chair will require special care.

Speaking of maintenance, the frequency of cleaning and the way it is carried out also weighs in the balance. Is this the right kind of soap? With or without water? Maintenance not recommended by the manufacturer could greatly reduce the life of your chair.

How to choose the right office chair

First of all, you have to start by establishing your needs. Am I very tall? Do I need special functions for my back? Or maybe something more ergonomic? What are signs of signs of a bad office chair? Consulting the specifications of the models can greatly influence the final choice.

signs of a bad office chair

If, for example, you want to be able to move freely around the room, on your armchair, something light and possibly even with wheels would be a good idea. Nowadays, there are an infinite number of models of office chairs and there is something for everyone.

The life of the chair depends on you 

The budget dedicated to your office chair will be the number one factor in its lifespan. Some models may be in good condition for only one to two years, while others will still be reliable and solid after 10 years. 

This small investment will allow you to stay comfortable in your workplace and avoid back pain and other problems associated with poor-quality chairs.

However, you must keep in mind that the maintenance of your chair also greatly influences its lifespan. You have no interest in choosing a very expensive chair if you do not intend to take care of it.

How long do mesh office chairs last?

Office chairs made of mesh and cloth are quite robust because they are tightly put together and don’t have any loose parts. This, together with the fact that they are frequently produced by high-end manufacturers, results in a longer lifespan for them.

But over time, the mesh can stiffen and sag, which would impair the quality of the seat. However, mesh chairs are more robust than leather or cotton chairs and offer better ventilation. As a result, they are unquestionably worth the cost.

What is the ideal lifespan of an office chair?

Knowing how long your office chair should last can help you make the most of it. A desk chair should typically last longer than five years, though some can endure up to ten years. The majority of office chairs’ quality control will determine the solution.

Nevertheless, this figure may change based on the chair’s quality and the materials used in its construction. For instance, a chair with a strong structure and high-quality materials will likely endure longer than one with a weak frame and low-quality materials.

The materials used are the second aspect to take into account. lifespan of office table may endure up to 15 years if the manufacturer from which you purchased it uses high-quality materials.

But keep in mind that the armrests and stand of many office chairs are made of plastic. These plastic materials also become brittle after a while.

The typical amount of time you spend per day sitting on your mesh office chair should be taken into account.

Advice on How to Make Your Office Chair Last 

1. Frequently clean the chair

Office chairs accumulate a lot of filth and dust, which over time can eat away at the fabric of your chair and cause it to lose cushion and comfort. Regular vacuuming can prolong the life and maintain the cleanliness of your office chair.

How do I know when to replace my office chair

2. Apply lotion and oils to leather

Leather chairs can be cleaned with a conventional vacuum, but they will last longer if you follow up with a wipe down and saddle soap or leather cream. One of the most lasting materials for office chairs is leather; when combined with routine maintenance, you have a chair that will last a lifetime.

3. Maintain the rollers and wheels

Your chair’s wheels bear the majority of the weight and are prone to accumulating hair or dust. The wheels can break or become loose if they aren’t kept clean with a vacuum or a can of compressed air.

Lubrication has a significant role in extending the life of your office chair. Spray on them about every six months to keep them functioning properly.

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FAQs: How long do office chairs last

How do I know when to replace my office chair? The answer is that every 7-8 years, an office chair should be replaced. But each chair is unique. You should replace your chair if it is clearly worn out because you don't want your home office to look ugly.

Some components of your office chair may become damaged or even break, depending on the cause whether it be age or an outside issue. The chair's wheels are one of the pieces that break the most frequently; if one of them breaks, the chair can tip over.

The Importance of Your Office Chair. A terrible chair causes more than just back problems. Fatigue, musculoskeletal ailments, poor circulation, heart disease, and even depression all result from sitting on an uncomfortable chair.

Fortunately, a little elbow grease, a home tool kit, and a few extra components for your office chair may often solve many of the most typical chair problems.



It is possible that office chairs in the lower price category will eventually break or lose pieces like screws or levers. Your office chair will last longer if you keep an eye on these, make sure no pieces are misplaced, and have any damages repaired. This won’t be a big deal if you spend more on a better chair. Maintaining your office chairs will assist you to avoid wasting money and keep your staff content. 

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