How to assemble and disassemble an office chair – Detailed Guide

How to assemble and disassemble an office chair

How to assemble and disassemble an office chair – Detailed Guide

Sitting at your desk all day long can really wreak havoc on your back, shoulders, neck, and hips. If you are not careful, this problem can start to show up in your daily life. You may start feeling pain in your back or maybe you just feel uncomfortable when sitting down. You can try taking regular breaks but it can be difficult to remember.

If you’re wondering how to take apart office chair, we have got the answers. We have covered how to assemble and disassemble office chair main components, including the footrest, casters, and backrest. Disassemble your office chairs and save money by making them into a few parts that you can put together in other places.

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Do it yourself office chair repair

If the computer chair is broken, then there is no need to call the master. You can repair it yourself and in a short time. As a rule, a computer chair consists of 6 parts (wheels, cross, gas cartridge, backrest, seat, and armrests). 

take apart office chair

Each of them can either be replaced with a new one, or independently adjusted. Below is a list of possible breakdowns and instructions for fixing them.

Breakdowns and fixing

  • The rollers fall out of the cross. This problem can occur with faulty plugs. If a crack appears in them, then it is worth replacing them with new ones.
  • The back of the chair does not lock into position. The thread in the permanent contact screw may have been stripped. In this case, the entire mechanism (permanent contact) must be replaced.
  • The seat does not rise or fall. First of all, you need to lubricate it with machine oil or grease. If the damage persists, then purchase a new one.
  • The chair wobbles and creaks. To solve this problem, it is necessary to tighten all bolts and screws. Most likely, some of them have weakened or become unusable.

These are the most common computer chair failures. As you can see, any of them can be eliminated independently or simply replaced with a new part.

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Height adjustment

Did we find out how to assemble and disassemble office chair, but how to determine its height? If the seat height is not adjusted, then soon there may be problems in the lumbar region or pinched nerve endings. To avoid this, you need to constantly check the height of the seat and adjust it correctly.

To lower the chair, pull the lower lever. After that, the computer seat will smoothly lower or rise. The optimal height is selected taking into account the individual characteristics of the chair and desktop. It is recommended that the height of the armrests match the height of the table.

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Office chairs: Variety

Office chairs for the home can differ not only in appearance but also in technical characteristics: hydraulic, orthopedic and standard. 

As for the material of manufacture, they are three types: textiles, leather substitutes, and genuine leather. Consider the most popular computer chairs.

Executive chair

Probably, every employee dreamed of sitting in the boss’s chair for a few minutes. As a rule, this is a high-quality adjustment system, genuine leather, and a wide luxurious back. 

This model is suitable only for those who sit in front of the computer for a long time. In other cases, you should not buy it – the price is too high.

Necessary tools 

Prepare all the required tools before you begin disassembling the product. They are available from any home master. To disassemble the parts of the chair you will need:

  1. screwdriver
  2. a hammer
  3. chisel
  4. pliers

If you need to replace the gas spring, you can add technical grease and a bolt with a minimum diameter of 10 mm (or a little more) to this list. It is more practical to use a screwdriver as opposed to something else.

After loosening the fasteners, you should immediately put all the fasteners in a box or tin, since the loss of at least one bolt will deprive the repair of any meaning.

can you disassemble office chair

Instructions to assemble an office chair

First of all, unpack the box with the chair. All parts must be carefully inspected for cracks, scratches, or other defects. The following elements are included in the standard set:

  • The back of an office chair may differ from other models in upholstery and additional fastening for a headrest. Further, assembling a computer chair will not be difficult. Below is a detailed instruction that will help you assemble the chair in a short time.
  • The first thing to do is to install the rollers on the cross. To do this, press the wheel pin into the beam of the cross. If that doesn’t work, you can use a rubber mallet.
  • After installing the wheels on the chair, the crosspiece should be placed on the rollers and should be connected to its central part.
  • It is worth noting that on some models, manufacturers install a decorative cap that hides a button. Before installation, it must be disconnected, and only then do the installation. Otherwise, the chair may not lower or rise.
  • Next, attach the armrests. Often, three screws are used to install them, which must be screwed into the hole in the seat and tightened firmly. Also, in addition to screw fastening, brackets can be used in some models.
  • At the next stage, we install the assembled seat with the back. To ensure the tightest possible entry, you can press on the seat of the chair or sit completely on it.
  • After the computer chair is assembled, it is necessary to check its performance.
  • The back should bend back without unnecessary crunches and return to its original position on its own. 
  • If the chair is lowered and raised using the lever, then everything is installed correctly. On average, it takes no more than 20 minutes to assemble a standard computer chair.

FAQs: How to assemble and disassemble an office chair

The majority of regular office chairs have a hydraulic or pneumatic lift mechanism that users can adjust to fit their body type and work configuration. A lever beneath the chair is typically used to adjust the chair's height.

Well, the 'tension' feature is a knob that can be adjusted to increase or decrease the force needed to tilt. Therefore, a tension tilt feature effectively lets you choose how much effort is needed to recline in a chair and how far you want to recline.

A single-acting cylinder is found in pneumatic office chairs. This spring has been pumped full of air. The air inside the chamber expands as the piston is pulled further out, allowing the seat to lower. If your chair continues to sink, the cylinder is no longer functional.



The office chair is the one most frequently used in the workplace. If you don’t know how to assemble and disassemble an office chair, you can have an easy time if you use a little bit of effort and care. You should learn how to assemble and disassemble office chairs when necessary or hire someone with more knowledge who can do it precisely as you choose a nicer and more comfortable office chair for usage at work.

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