How to fix office chair sinking – Detailed Guide

How to fix office chair sinking

How to fix office chair sinking – Detailed Guide

Have you ever bought a new office chair and within 2 days it starts to sink into the seat? If so, it may be because of poor materials used or the design. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to fix office chair sinking.

How to fix sinking office chair hose clamp? In this article, we’ll provide an answer to that query. The first thing you should do is look at your office chair’s warranty card. If you are not sure which chair, it is, go to a local store like an office supply or big box store, and they have a record of who purchased the chair from them.

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The mechanisms that make up the chair

A computer chair, often known as an office chair, has multiple components, just like any other technological mechanical instrument. Pay attention to the components and how they work together. In theory, the design speaks for itself and doesn’t require any additional explanations.

However, understanding all the mechanics will help you figure out the weak spot right away. One of them loose, erratically unscrewing bolts is mentioned above. Screws that fit into holes in other components are sometimes used to replace them.

For instance, if the seat is constructed of wood, in the seat itself. tubes made of aluminum. Typically, these are threaded self-tapping screws.

When they are replaced with inexpensive ones, they frequently fail. Here, purchasing self-tapping screws and replacing the missing ones is sufficient. The repair will be durable and fast.

How to fix office chairs that sink?

The most likely cause of a sagging office chair is worn or failed gas struts. Although high-quality gas springs prolong the period of use of the chair, they must be repaired or replaced at some point.

The most common reason a gas lift causes your office chair to sink is a faulty seal. More serious causes can be damage due to improper use or a defective or substandard part.

While you can find quick fixes online to fix a office chair dropper stopper, such as using PVC pipe or a hose clamp, these short-term fixes may create additional problems.

To fix a sagging office chair, you need to invest in a new office chair gas lift and install it yourself or have it installed by your office chair dealer.

Have you got a sinking feeling?

Office chairs are built to last, especially if you purchase high-quality models. It’s unrealistic to believe that you won’t occasionally encounter issues, though. Sinking is one of the most frequent issues that an office chair might experience over time.

Do you ever sit down at your work and feel like you’re about to sink? We acknowledge that this is somewhat frustrating.

The procedural cause? In essence, the pneumatic piston in your chair has a valve that will ultimately begin to leak. Your chair just won’t stay in place no matter what you do or how you adjust it. Here’s a solution to that.

PVC pipe as a way

Start by using a ruler to gauge the cylinder of your chair. You don’t need exact dimensions, but you will need to know how much PVC pipe to use. Make sure to gauge the cylinder’s length in addition to its diameter.

Then, you can go out and buy some PVC pipe that will fit over your cylinder well (or find some laying around!). When the chair is at the ideal height, make sure there is enough pipe to run from the base to the seat.

When the pipe is the proper height for the cylinder, cut a lengthwise slit into it with a saw. Don’t cut all the way through, though. Not two pipe halves, but a pipe with a slit on one side is what you need to create.

This makes it simple to attach the pipe to the cylinder. If you don’t have a saw, you can use the hose clamp approach to figure out how to take the wheelbase and plastic skirt off so you can slide the pipe on instead.

Slide the plastic skirt aside to reveal the metal cylinder, then secure the pipe over it. Now hold your chair firmly in place. If the chair is still too low when you test it, add more pipe lengths to the cylinder until it is the right height for you.

Fix a Broken Office Chair Base

Is the base of your office chair cracked or broken? If you have noticed new chair gas lift not working or broken struts in your office chair base, it’s time to replace it with a new one. 

new chair gas lift not working

Attempting to repair cracks or broken chair bases by other means, such as tape or brackets, can compromise the office chair and could cause serious damage if it fails.

If the base of your office chair is still in good condition but you are having movement issues, it is likely due to a damaged or defective office chair caster.

Turn your office chair over to inspect the casters. If you have noticed a buildup of dirt, string, cotton, etc., try removing it by hand. You may need to replace a few of the casters if they seem beyond repair. You can also attach glides instead and turn them into an office chair without wheels.

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FAQs: How to fix office chair sinking

A single-acting cylinder is found in pneumatic office chairs. This spring has been pumped full of air. The air inside the chamber expands as the piston is pulled further out, allowing the seat to lower. If your chair continues to sink, the cylinder is no longer functional.

Can you fix a sinking office chair? When it comes to resolving this issue, you have two options. For the necessary tools, you might need to rummage through your garage or visit a hardware store. First, you can stop the chair's cylinder from moving by securing it with a hose clamp. Second, PVC pipe can be used to prevent the cylinder from slipping downward.

Fortunately, a little elbow grease, a home tool kit, and a few extra components for your office chair may often solve many of the most typical chair problems.

The metal cylinder is accessible by raising or lowering the plastic skirt of the chair. To make the PVC pipe fit around the cylinder, press it up against the slit side. It ought to now keep the chair in place and keep it from falling.



There are a lot of different things that can go wrong with your office chair and make it sink. One of the most common culprits is the wheels or casters. If your wheels don’t have proper clearance between them and the floor, then they can wear down over time and cause the chair to sink. A second reason that chairs may sink is because of an uneven load on the seat and back.

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