How to Mix and Match Dining Chairs – Complete Guide

How to Mix and Match Dining Chairs

How to Mix and Match Dining Chairs – Complete Guide

A dining room is a place where people come together to eat, socialize, and relax. It’s a place where we gather with family and friends to enjoy a meal. But how do you know what kind of furniture you should put in your dining room? Should it be modern or traditional? Traditional dining chairs are elegant and timeless, but they don’t necessarily work well for every type of dining room. Modern dining chairs are sleek and stylish but can look out of place in an older house or a formal dining room. So, which is the best choice for your dining room? We’ve compiled a list of dining chairs mix and match guide for your dining room.

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What is the purpose of using different chairs?

First, it’s original. Secondly, different chairs in the kitchen or in the living room are a touch of frivolity and carelessness. 

Mixed dining groups make the interior youthful and playful. Thirdly, the introduction of accent chairs helps to tie together the dining and other areas of the room. At the same time, the combination with neutral chairs avoids an excess of color.

The idea of ​​mixing chairs can also arise if several samples are liked in the store at once. If you can’t decide, get each of the models you like and arrange them.

Schemes for combining chairs in the kitchen and dining room

Two groups of chairs. It doesn’t matter whether there are two, three, four, or six chairs.. You can combine two types of chairs in several ways: for example, arrange them through one, group them on opposite sides of the table, or arrange them in a checkerboard pattern.

At the head of the table

In this case, the set is made up of regular and main chairs. The two chairs at the ends of the table are the primary ones. These locations were customarily saved for family patriarchs and distinguished visitors.

Typically, the main chairs are bigger and taller. Instead of dining chairs, armchairs can be installed at the head of the table.

The vinaigrette

According to this scheme, all the chairs of the set are different (according to one or another parameter). This is the hardest plan. It is important to observe the principle of symmetry: chairs should be similar in size.

Accent chair

Every chair in this set is the same, with the exception of one. This chair should be significantly different from the rest in style, color, and size – either in one parameter or all at once. The accent chair can be placed at the head of the table or in a row with other chairs.

Different Dining Table Chairs: Mixing Principles

dining table and mixed chairs

Above, we talked about configuration and placement options of dining table and mixed chairs. And now about the principle by which the chairs are combined in the set.

  1. Eclecticism: Chairs of different styles and configurations are mixed, but of the same color or with the same upholstery.
  2. Color mix: The same chairs of different colors or with different upholstery are combined. Collecting a set from one collection is convenient. Often the manufacturer releases the model in several colors at once.
  3. Common feature: You can mismatched dining chairs that differ from each other both in design and color. However, such chairs must be at least somewhat identical: in shades, materials, lines, etc. For example, chairs of different colors and shapes can be united by a similar tone (pastel).

How to arrange mismatched chairs around the table?

So, how to mix dining chairs? You can first look at the general atmosphere of your room, the materials already present, and the colors also present in your decoration.

how to mix dining chairs

Be sure to respect a certain balance of materials and colors to maintain a coherent atmosphere in your interior. You can play with contrast as well as harmony by playing, for example, on shades of colors

Different chairs in the same room – is it legal?

Should I be embarrassed about different chairs? Let’s say for sure no. Different chairs in the kitchen will refresh the interior and attract the enthusiastic attention of guests. Many will say that the combination is fiction and that people just buy what they like.

This option, of course, is acceptable, but designers use little tricks and recommendations for repair and decoration. Even an ordinary table with different chairs in the interior will look special.

One color but a different design

It happens when you want to buy everything at once, even if the only thing that unites these items is color. Don’t deny yourself. Chairs of different styles, having a common color element, diversify the interior of the kitchen.

Same design but different color

Chairs of different colors in the interior are good, especially if they are of the same design. If you have a Scandinavian-style kitchen, this solution will fill it with color and add additional accents.

Same material but a different design

Different chairs in the interior of the dining room are always unusual. When all items are made of the same material, for example, the same type of wood, then a different design will be advantageous, it will add charm and comfort to the kitchen.

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FAQs: How to Mix and Match Dining Chairs

Make sure the chairs stand out sufficiently from one another to create a unified, purposefully unique, aesthetic. Either go for head chairs that are taller than your side chairs or select chairs that are relatively close in height. It will appear "odd" if your side chairs are longer than your head chairs.

Combining vintage and modern pieces in an interior is one of our favorite ways to inject some energy into the space. This is especially true in the dining area, where a traditional table and contemporary chairs make an extremely appealing pair.

It is recommended to stay with neutrals in warmer tones. Avoid using neutral hues with blue undertones or colors with a cold undertone because they will make your dining room feel drab and uninviting. Avoid harsh whites if possible.

To fit the size of the room, your sofa and accent chair should be of comparable proportions. For instance, a smaller, apartment-sized sofa coupled with a huge, overstuffed chair would appear visually "wrong." Make sure the scale is uniform across all of the seating components in a space.


Mixing and matching dining chairs is not only acceptable but is also an effective way to create a unique look for your home. Mixing dining chairs is easy when you know where to look. The best way to start is to use the Internet to search for images of dining chairs. Then, you can browse through the images until you find a combination of chairs that you like. After that, you can start thinking about the rest of your furniture. You can make the most of your dining chairs by adding a couple of accent pieces, such as a side table or a sideboard.

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