How to remove hair from office chair wheels? – Detailed Guide

How to remove hair from office chair wheels

How to remove hair from office chair wheels? Detailed Guide

Chairs on wheels are very practical, comfortable furniture that is popular not only in office spaces. All this is thanks to stylish modern design, convenience, and maneuverability. Due to the high mobility of the wheels, you can easily move over short distances without even getting up from your chair. But the question is how to remove hair from office chair wheels.

And there are already two solutions available: either change the wheels for new ones or clean them yourself. As for cleaning, it’s not that tough, and you can manage a breakdown brought on by accumulated debris without assistance.

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How to disassemble the wheel from the chair to clean

Usually, the arrangement of chairs on wheels does not differ from each other. To remove them, you do not need to have any special tools or special skills. All movable elements are mounted in special grooves that are drilled into the cross. The parsing mechanism is:

  • pull a little on the wheel and pull it out of the hole in the cross of the chair;
  • separate the roller itself from the protective plastic;
  •  if the plugs are broken or worn out, then they will have to be replaced with new ones.

Now you can start cleaning the wheels. If they are heavily soiled, then remove to the maximum all the accumulated debris. To avoid scratching the wheel itself, you can use scissors or a knife, but you must exercise extreme caution. Some owners have found a more effective way.

A sewing tool for steaming seams or thin-nosed pliers. They themselves are quite narrow, which helps to reach the most inaccessible places in the wheel design.

Once all the twisted debris is removed, you can additionally vacuum the wheels to remove all dust and fine hair as much as possible, and only then proceed to wash.

Washing the wheels from the chair does not imply something unusual. It is enough to wash them in soapy water, rinse and dry them well.

how to clean office chair wheels

Cleaning chair wheels

In addition to dirty stains and dust, there is one more thing that can put anyone who has come across it into a stupor. Yesterday the chair moved perfectly in space, and today a ball of dust and hair is wound around the wheel. How to clean office chair wheels from hair, the instructions below will tell you:

  1. Turn the structure upside down.
  2. Usually, the wheels are not fixed in the crosspiece and are easily pulled out of the seat. But in rare cases, you will have to use a screwdriver to unscrew the roller.
  3. It’s good to have tweezers handy. It is indispensable to free the axle from dirt and debris wrapped around it.
  4. Sometimes (when there is no way to remove the “winding” with tweezers), the wheel has to be disassembled. In this case, you need to act carefully and smoothly, without the use of “brute force”. 
  5. You need to take a flat screwdriver (scissors or even a knife). Next, it is worth placing it between the wheel itself and the body. Gently, using a screwdriver, as a lever, wring out the roller structure. Clean and put in place.
  6. After mechanical cleaning, the wheels must be washed in soapy water, dry well with a cloth, and the structure can be put back.

These are instruction how to get hair out of office chair wheels.

office chair wheels not rolling

Safety regulations

  • When working with chemical cleaning agents, do not neglect personal protective measures (gloves and a respirator).
  •  If cleaning products come into contact with open areas of the skin or in the eyes, rinse them with plenty of water, if necessary, call a doctor.
  •  When cleaning with steamers and steam generators, maximum care is taken so as not to get a thermal burn.
  • When working with piercing objects when dismantling the wheelbase (screwdrivers, scissors), you should be extremely careful to avoid injury.
  • If you follow the recommendations for caring for an office chair, you can preserve its original appearance for a long time and avoid spending on buying a new one.

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FAQs: How to remove hair from office chair wheels

Yes, you can use a regular vacuum with a crevice tool attachment to dissolving hair from wheels. The crevice tool is narrow and can reach into tight spaces, making it ideal for removing hair from the small gaps between the wheels and the chair base.

To use a lint roller or tape to remove hair from office chair wheels, roll the lint roller or press a piece of tape onto the hair-covered wheel and then gently pull it away. The hair should stick to the adhesive surface of the lint roller or tape, allowing you to easily remove it from the wheel.

It is not recommended to use a hair removal product, such as a chemical depilatory, on office chair wheels. These products can potentially damage the wheels or leave a residue that can attract more dirt and hair.

To prevent hair from accumulating on office chair wheels in the future, you can try to keep the wheels clean and free of debris by regularly vacuuming around the base of the chair and using the crevice tool to clean the wheels. You can also try to minimize the amount of shedding by regularly grooming your hair and using a hair tie or headband to keep loose strands away from the chair.

If your office chair wheels are particularly dirty or office chair wheels not rolling. You may need to use a mild cleaning solution and a soft cloth to gently scrub the wheels. Avoid using harsh or abrasive cleaning agents or tools, as these can damage the wheels. Once you have cleaned the wheels, be sure to dry them thoroughly before rolling the chair back into use.



Removing hair from office chair wheels is a simple task that can be easily accomplished using a combination of tools and techniques. A vacuum with a crevice tool attachment, a lint roller or tape, and a pair of scissors or hair-cutting shears can all be used to remove hair from office chair wheels. To prevent hair from accumulating on the wheels in the future, it is important to keep the wheels clean and free of debris, minimize shedding by grooming your hair regularly and use a hair tie or headband to keep loose strands away from the chair. 

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