How to remove office chair base – Step by step Guide

How to remove office chair base

How to remove office chair base – Step by step Guide

Do you have any trouble taking apart your office chair, especially the base? Well, since they simply require unscrewing, taking out additional components could look simple. When trying to answer How to remove office chair base or gas cylinder spindle from rolling office chairs, the real difficulty begins. We have you now, so move forward.

But for it to be comfortable and practical, it is important that the chair is in good working order and ready for use. Before proceeding with the analysis of such a detail as a gas lift, it is necessary to clearly imagine the office chair itself, and the mechanism of its operation.

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Office Chair Base: What is it?

Any item that combines creativity, invention, and craft to simplify daily tasks at home and at business is considered furniture. Every product is made to satisfy the requirements of the user and carry out the tasks included in the work.

remove base from office chair

One such item is an office chair. There are four crucial components that any office chair must have.

All chair bases are universal, is it right? 

The first thing you need to understand about chair bases is that you should always alter or replace them. It is a generalization to say that different basic types exist.

However, you can create a global base that will ensure perfect balance. Office chairs typically do not have several size adjustments. As a result, the bases principally vary in terms of materials.

There are many bases available that are made of plastic, wood, aluminum, or metal. Plastic materials should be avoided, though, as they don’t offer the chair any support.

How can a chair’s stuck base be removed?

An office chair base that is stuck is a real issue. An old gas cylinder is the most likely cause of this. You will need an oil, a sledge, and a piece of clean cloth to fix this issue. It will be preferable not to use a white cloth because stains on it would be difficult to erase. To protect the floor, position your chair upright and place newspapers under it. On the gas cylinder covers, lubricant should be sprayed or applied. 

Make sure the oil gets to the bottom and interior of the cylinders. To prevent a mess, place your cloth on the side. Prepare to strike the chair’s sides with the mallet at this point. For this, a rubber mallet can be used.

Strike the chair repeatedly or lubricate the cylinder. In a few seconds, the jammed base would undoubtedly come off.

Steps to remove the base from the office chair

1. Place a few newspapers on the ground 

The base of an office chair contains lubricants like grease. The lubricant may cause your floor to become soiled. By covering the floor with newspaper or fabric, you can keep it clean. If you don’t lay newspaper on the floor, the grease could collect there. You can halt that with the aid of newspapers.

You can skip this if you don’t want to. Most likely, you won’t. Start by spreading some newspapers out on the ground. You might also put on some old garments as an alternative to utilizing newspapers.

2. Push your chair backward

Place your chair upside-down on your surface after covering it with a newspaper or piece of fabric. The base of the rolling chair will be simpler to see and reach. We must proceed in the future.

3. Look for the holding clip

After the chair has been turned upside down, the holding clip needs to be located. Most rolling computer chairs feature this clip in the middle of the base. As a result, it will most likely be located in the base’s very core.

4. Now take it away

Once found, the holding clip needs to be taken off. You can get rid of that by using needle-nosed pliers. In the absence of pliers, a flathead screwdriver will also function. Bend the clip just enough to release it. You must be cautious when you take out the holding clip; then, proceed to the following action.

5. Take out the washer as well 

The following step is pretty simple. Only then should the piston from the office chair be removed; first, remove the washer from the base of the piston. The washer will be simple to remove from the base’s top.

6. Take the Base Out 

Now, how to remove the base from an office chair. The procedure has come to an end. Turn the base anticlockwise, then pull it out while also removing the washer to remove it. The gas cylinder and base will separate in one piece during this operation. A gas cylinder is set inside the base. Observe grease coats as well.

7. Remove the wheels 

The wheels on your old base need to be taken off in this phase. They are simple to take out. Remove each wheel one by one by hand. If taking off the wheel is tough for you, don’t worry about it. Though it can seem complicated, it’s not.

8. Adding the Wheels to the New Base

Once the wheels have been successfully removed, the new foundation is prepared for attachment. New bases can easily be equipped with wheels. Simply place pressure on the casters after aligning them with the socket on the chair.

Try lightly lubricating the chair first, then screwing in the casters if you are having trouble getting them to attach.

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FAQs: How to remove office chair base

Your chair needs at least five castors at the base to be stable and prevent tipping. You must also consider the type of flooring while selecting the wheelbase. It might be required to get a chair with wheels made specifically for carpet if your office is carpeted.

Modern office chairs often have one distinct load-bearing leg behind the seat (commonly referred to as a gas lift). This leg splits into numerous smaller feet near the ground, known as casters, and frequently having wheels.

A chair known as a cantilever is one whose seating and framework are supported by just one leg or legs that are joined to one end of the seat and bent in the shape of an L, acting as both the chair's supporting foundation and holding it upright and aloft.



The office chair base can be very useful when installing your new office furniture or if you are renovating your old furniture, but sometimes it becomes quite annoying and difficult to deal with. How to take off chair base whenever you need to know that you know how. All you need to do is gather the proper tools and decide where to replace the base of your office chair. This can be done by either using a tool or a hammer and pry bar. Both of which are fairly easy and cheap to purchase.

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