How to remove wheels from office chair – Step by step Guide

How to remove wheels from office chair

How to remove wheels from office chair – Step by step Guide

At the very bottom of the office chair, there are wheels that are responsible for comfortable moving the chair over short distances without getting up from it. This option is very convenient to use because they do not damage the flooring and perfectly saves working time.

Office equipment and supplies must be well-designed and multipurpose. High-quality office chair wheels are essential if you want to increase the productivity of your day at work and avoid distractions from things like floor scuffing, cable tripping, and squeaky chair movements. As a result, an increasing number of customers decide to swap out their old, outdated casters for new ones.

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How to take office chair wheels off

A standard office chair does not have a complicated mechanism. As a result, removing its wheels is not difficult and doesn’t even require specialized equipment. The problem is that they are only put into the crosspiece’s holes and secured with a slight click.

replace wheels on office chair with feet

Let’s go over how to effortlessly replace wheels on office chair with feet without using any special tools and without harming any other components. It simply takes a short while. Additionally, we’ll demonstrate how to select a good substitute.

1. Flip the office chair over

Put your chair gently on its side or upside down on the floor, a table, or any other flat surface so that the wheels face the air and you have free access to them before starting to replace chair wheels.

To avoid scratches and chipping, lay down a blanket or towel before doing this. As you are performing the removal process, ensure that the office chair is stable and won’t fall. Ask a buddy for assistance if turning the chair over down proves to be too difficult.

2. Turn a threaded caster anticlockwise to remove it

The metal component that joins the caster to the chair is found on every wheel. It is fitted into a housing that aids in maintaining its stable position and into the leg of the chair. Office chair designs can be found with a variety of stem kinds.

If your unit has threaded (screw) casters, you should first twist them sufficiently. Just rotate the roller in a clockwise direction. When the caster is sufficiently relaxed, it should release. This motion causes the caster to move, then maintain moving. A few casters will strike out a little harder than others, so keep that in mind.

3. Using oil, remove a grip stem-type caster

Put one hand on the chair’s base, grab the caster with the other, and try to draw it away from the socket while dealing with a grip stem wheel (which indicates that it won’t unscrew).

It is advised to use oil or another lubricant to lubricate the junction where the caster wheel meets the frame. This should make it easier to remove the caster. Wear work gloves or grab an old towel to improve your grip.

4. To free a locked chair wheel, use a screwdriver

If the roller is rusty and you can’t pull it out with just your hands, you’ll need to take this step in the process of removing the casters from an office chair. Sometimes this occurs with ancient chairs. Find a flathead screwdriver and a pry bar with a nail-pulling slot in this situation.

To track the joint holding the caster wheel, you can use both of these office chair wheel removal tool or only one of them. Keep in mind that its blade ought to be wide enough to assist in removing the bar from the socket.

5. Use a screwdriver if the object won’t budge

Insert your flathead screwdriver between the chair’s base and the wheel itself. When the caster starts to move, softly and slowly push the tool. If you’re still having problems, you can change the screwdriver’s position angle to increase leverage. Even so, you might attempt pulling from one side to the other by asking a friend to keep the chair in place.

Putting on new wheels

The office chair wheel replacement process ends with this step. Even though this technique requires the greatest manual labor, you shouldn’t have any special issues with it. If your casters have threads, screw the stem into the chair’s leg until it encounters the stiffest resistance.

office chair wheel replacement

Take your new wheels and insert them into the chair leg’s hole to create a grip caster. As the grip ring on the stem of the new wheel is fully inflated and hasn’t been squeezed before, installing them may be difficult. See the best office chair wheels on Amazon.

Switch a cushion for the office chair

If the problem is a slanting floor, a grooved or woven area rug will be required. Even with an incline, it will be possible to secure the wheels in place. If a shiny floor is the source of the issue, the area rug should allow for a rubber under pad.

Your rug might slide if it doesn’t, rendering it useless. Finally, if it’s because of the wheels, think about purchasing a substantial area rug. The wheels will be more difficult to roll on thicker carpeting.

Replace stoppers for your casters

The stoppers as a result provide protection for the wheels. As a result of the stoppers, the caster cannot roll away. Make sure the stopper is the appropriate size for your casters. It’s crucial to avoid selecting casters that are either too large because they won’t fit or too small since they’ll still move about the walls.

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FAQs: How to remove wheels from office chair

If you were unable to remove the caster by pulling it, slide the blade of a metal putty knife beneath the rim of the screw plate. The screw plate's edges can be gently lifted up on all sides. If necessary, very gently rock the screw plate back and forth to loosen the caster stem. Straighten the caster and stem out from the leg.

So that's how we responded to the inquiry, are office chair casters universal? And most of them are. However, there are other more details to consider, including the castors' material, shaft type, and mount style.

Casters are more sophisticated than wheels. They consist of a circular item that can roll when subjected to force, as was already explained. Casters have more intricacies. Casters also have a wheel, but they have a metal frame that enables them to be utilized with another object.



All modern office chairs have five sets of caster wheels that may be moved. However, the majority of them come with conventional black plastic caster wheels, which could damage your pricey hardwood or carpeted floors. If it becomes clear that the existing casters are not functioning, you may need a new set. Perhaps your chair doesn’t seem to be able to support your weight, or it barely moves on the workplace floor. With these detailed instructions, you should have no trouble upgrading a revolving chair wheel.

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